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Pygmy Possum are Not rare, but difficult to find at night, they inhabit the entire Australian east coast in bushland. Feed mainly on nectar & pollen from eucalypts, banksias & the bottlebrush. They also consume insects and soft fruits at times.

They grow to around 14 inches including the tail, and weigh around 8 ozs.
In winter when food is not so plentiful, they have the ability to go into a torpor (hibernation) and live on the fat stored in their tail. They drop their body temperature to almost air temperature, rolls into a tight ball & covers it’s eyes with it’s ears. During this torpor, it’s not necessary to eat.

The female gives birth to around 4 young and carries them in her pouch, until they are too big, after which they stay in their rounded nest built in a hole in a tree, or under bark of the larger trees. The babies are usually weaned at around 2 months of age.


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  2. I would really like to know more facts about these beautiful creatures but i cant fing them any where

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